• Nordic Drive ApS is situated near the coast of Amager, Copenhagen - only 5 minutes by car from Copenhagen Airport (2 stops by metro).

    We are a traditional family-owned trading corporation and have been dealing with cars in almost 30 years.

    One of our core strengths can be found in our deep roots around Europe. We have a strong and sturdy network within the car industry; this includes factories of some of the biggest automotive brands in the world, independent dealers, workshops etc.

    We have truly unique relationships with our partners located in our close environment, which makes us able to meet our clients demands and needs in a professional and personal matter - and always with an aim of delivering a quality oriented service of the highest caliber.

    Our cars are nothing more than what their past can express. In our profound and genuine curiosity regarding every vehicle we come across, the historical information is always a priority of ours. The unique quality of life, that each and every one has experienced is no small concern. We appreciate each caring hand, that has affected and touched a specific vehicle.