• We are a traditional family-owned trading corporation and have been dealing with cars in nearly 30 years.

    We have been on the road for days and years, to find the most spectacular collector cars as well as the daily driver someone loved for years. Somehow we managed to drive more than 2 million kilometers in our search for the right cars and the right humans who cared.

    We believe, that we have a truly unique network within the car industry. From factories in Zuffenhausen to the tiny specialist, in a village somewhere in the alps. Surely the most important to us, is all the professional and passionate car people we have met on our way, to where we are today.

    Our cars are nothing more than what their past can express. In our profound and genuine curiosity regarding every vehicle we come across, the historical information is always a priority of ours. The unique quality of life, that each and every one has experienced is no small concern. We appreciate each caring hand, that has affected and touched a specific vehicle.

    Every car we decide to buy or trade, we know and actually care about.